Certain systems of the Acura and Honda vehicles may require a special programming key along with a working key to have additional keys made for the vehicle.  When the vehicle is purchased new you are provided with a Red “learning” key along with the keys for the vehicle.  If all keys are lost for the car, the dealer will require that the immobilizer computer be replaced.  We have the ability of resetting this immobilizer system so that the computer will not need replacement and a new learning key can be provided.  When only a black key is on hand we can clone the signal from your current key, which will also prevent the need to reset the computer on your car as well.  Please feel free to call for a more in depth explanation about the key system utilized by your car.

  Vehicles that utilize this system are:
  1997 – 2004 Acura NSX
  1996 – 2004 Acura RL
  1997 – 2002 Honda Prelude

Many Toyota and Lexus transponder systems do not allow programming keys for the car when all keys were lost OR when only a valet key (gray key) was available.  This required the dealership to replace the computer of the car at the owner’s expense.  We can reset your computer without the expensive costs of computer replacement.  Please feel free to call for a more in depth explanation about the key system utilized by your car.
Vehicles that utilize this system are:

Listed below are all models that require a re-flash of computer when all keys are lost or only a valet key is available.
Listed below are all models that require a re-flash of computer when all keys are lost or only a valet key is available.
ES300 1998-2003   4Runner
1998-2001 (Optional)
Standard on LTD
ES330 2004   4Runner 2002-2004
GS300 1998-2003   Avalon 1998-2003 (Optional)
GS400 1998-2000   Camry 1998-2004 (Optional) Standard on XLE & most V6
GS430 2001-2003   Highlander 2001-2003 (Optional)
Standard on LTD
GX470 2003-2004   Landcruiser 1998-2004
IS300 2001-2003   MR2 2002-2003
LS400 1997-2000   Prius 2001-2004
LS430 2001-2004   Rav4 2002-2003
LX470 1998-2004   Sequoia 2001-2007
RX300 1999-2003   Sienna
1998-2004 Standard on XLE
RX330 2004   Solara 1998-2004 (Optional)
Standard on XLE & most V6
SC300 1998-2000      
SC400 1998-2000      
SC430 2002-2003      


Manufacturers List

Manufacturer Category
Advanced Surveillance Equipment Access Control & CCTV
Aiphone Access Control & CCTV
Alarm Lock Access Control & CCTV
Alpha Communications Access Control & CCTV
Arm-A-Door Access Control & CCTV
DCI Access Control & CCTV
Detex Access Control & CCTV
Door King Access Control & CCTV
Dortronics Access Control & CCTV
DX Linear Access Control & CCTV
DynaLock Access Control & CCTV
ELK Access Control & CCTV
Folger Adams Access Control & CCTV
General Lock Access Control & CCTV
Glynn-Johnson Access Control & CCTV
Hartmann Controls Access Control & CCTV
HES Access Control & CCTV
Honeywell Access Control & CCTV
IEI Access Control & CCTV
Ilco Access Control & CCTV
Kaba-Ilco Access Control & CCTV
Kantech Access Control & CCTV
KCS Access Control & CCTV
Keri Systems Access Control & CCTV
Linear Access Control & CCTV
Locknetics Access Control & CCTV
Omni Lock (OSI Security) Access Control & CCTV
Rofu Access Control & CCTV
Rutherford Access Control & CCTV
Samsung Access Control & CCTV
Sargeant & Greenleaf Access Control & CCTV
Schlage Access Control & CCTV
Securitron Access Control & CCTV
Simplex-Unican Access Control & CCTV
Supra Access Control & CCTV
Trine Access Control & CCTV
Von Duprin Access Control & CCTV
Abus Commercial
Accurate Lock & Hardware Co. Commercial
Adams Rite Commercial
Aalarm Lock Commercial
American Padlock Commercial
Archetypes Commercial
Arm-A-Door Commercial
Arrow Lock Commercial
Baldwin Commercial
Baldwin Archetypes Commercial
Belwith Keeler Commercial
Bommer Industries Commercial
CCL Commercial
Ceco Commercial
Chicago Commercial
Corbin Commercial
Corbin Russwin Commercial
Deltana Commercial
Detex Commercial
Don-Jo Commercial
Dorma Commercial
Dor-O-Matic Commercial
Ecostile Commercial
Elmes Door Hardware Commercial
ESP Commercial
Falcon Lock Commercial
Folger Adams Commercial
Forms & Surfaces Commercial
Fort Commercial
Fusital Commercial
General Lock Commercial
Glynn-Johnson Commercial
Hager Commercial
HPC Commercial
Hudson Commercial
Ilco Commercial
Illinois Commercial
Ives Commercial
Jackson Commercial
Kaba Peaks Commercial
Kaba-Ilco Commercial
Keedex Commercial
Key Systems Commercial
Keysure Commercial
LCN Commercial
Lockwood Commercial
Lund Key Cabinets Commercial
Mag Commercial
Markar Commercial
Marks Hardware Commercial
Master Lock Commercial
McKinney Hinges Commercial
Medeco Commercial
Merit Metal Commercial
Monarch Commercial
MultiLock Commercial
Mul-T-Lock Commercial
National Cabinet Lock Commercial
National Guard Commercial
Norden Commercial
Norton Door Controls Commercial
Olympic Lock Commercial
Omnia Commercial
PDQ Commercial
Peaks Commercial
Pemko Manufacturing Inc. Commercial
Precision Commercial
Qualtec Commercial
Quorum International Commercial
Reese Commercial
Rixson Commercial
Rockford Commercial
Rockwood Commercial
Russwin Commercial
Sargeant Commercial
Sargeant & Greenleaf Commercial
Schlage Commercial
Seachrome Commercial
Simplex-Unican Commercial
Stanley Hardware Commercial
Steelcraft Commercial
Supra Commercial
Taco Commercial
Telkee Commercial
Terramura International Commercial
Trimco Commercial
Union Commercial
Valli & Valli Commercial
Von Duprin Commercial
Von Morris Commercial
Yale Commercial
Zero Commercial
Accurate Lock & Hardware Company Residential
Amerock Residential
Andersen Windows & Doors Residential
Archetypes Residential
Arrow Lock Residential
Baldwin Residential
Baldwin Archetypes Residential
Belwith Keeler Residential
Blaine Window Residential
Blanco Residential
Bouvet Residential
Brass Accents Residential
Cal Royal Residential
Classic Brass Residential
Colonial Bronze Residential
CompX Residential
Deltana Residential
Doral Lock Residential
Double Hill Residential
Ecostile Residential
Elmes Door Hardware Residential
Emco Residential
Emtek Residential
First Imressions Residential
Forms & Surfaces Residential
Fusion Hardware Residential
Fusital Residential
General Lock Residential
Hamilton Decorative Hardware Residential
Hawk Hill Residential
Hi Line Residential
Hickory Hardware Residential
Ives Residential
Kaba Peaks Residential
Kaba-Ilco Residential
Kwikset Residential
LB Brass Residential
Lockwood Residential
Master Lock Residential
Medeco Residential
Merit Metal Residential
Miwa Residential
Mul-T-Lock Residential
Nostalgic Warehouse Residential
Omnia Residential
Papaiz Residential
Peaks Residential
Period Brass Residential
Quorum International Residential
Rockwood Residential
Royal Brass Residential
Schlage Residential
Seachrome Residential
Signature Brass Residential
Stanley Residential
Stry-Buc Residential
Supra Residential
Terramura International Residential
Top Knobs Residential
Union Residential
Valli & Valli Residential
Von Morris Residential
Weiser Residential
Yale Residential
American Security Products Safes
Amsec Safes
Burg Wachter Safes
Citisafe Safes
Cobalt Safes
Fire King Safes
Gardall Safes
Mas-Hamilton Safes
PermaVault Safes
Sargeant & Greenleaf Safes